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Terms and Conditions


Placing an Order

Orders can be placed in the following ways: By using our shopping cart system and submitting your credit card number for on-line transmission.
By email, fax or calling our store and giving all relevant particulars:

Email: admin@heritage-editions.com.au
Fax: Int: 617 3368 1197   -   local: 07 3368 1197
Tel: Int: 617 3368 1167   -   local: 07 3368 1167



We accept credit cards -  Mastercard, Visa,  Payment can also be made by an Australian dollar cheque or Money Order. If paying by cheque or money order it MUST be made out to our company Glenebon Pty Ltd. Allow 7 working days for clearance of cheques.


Advance Orders

Decorator Prints to be released within the next few months can be tentatively ordered in advance by a customer. As soon as a definite delivery date and prices are available the customer will be notified. At this point the customer can either place a firm order, or else cancel.


Delivery Times

We endeavour to ship all orders within 3 working days of receipt of order. In the case of International shipping, all orders are sent "Äirmail" postage and normal delivery takes about 10 days to the U.S.A. 8 days to the U.K. 5 days to Asia and New Zealand. Within Australia 2/4 days. UPS or FEDEX are available or request.

When payment is made by an Australian dollar cheque, allow at least 3 working days for clearance before orders are sent. Delivery times given above are estimates based on current practices.
There may be circumstances outside of our control that may affect these delivery times, eg strikes, inclement weather etc.


Cancelled Orders

Orders can only be cancelled if they have not yet been dispatched. Orders in the course of transit cannot be cancelled.



We do not, under any circumstances, give, sell or in any way make available to third parties, our customers' personal details.


E-mail Replies

TopWhilst we would like to answer all e-mail immediately, in some circumstances it may not be possible. However, we will do our best to answer as soon as possible.


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