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John Gould bird prints, and his iconic Koala.

While John Gould's Parrots are usually the birds most people ask about, when they see the selection that is available, they realise that John Gould Owls, Ducks, Kingfisher (Kookaburra), and his unusual Koala with baby on its back, are also wonderful images to have on the wall as decoration. Inexpensive but fine quality reproductions, they are large - printed the same size as the original hand-coloured lithographs published between 1840 and 1848 for Gould's "Birds of Australia".

When we had our gallery in Los Angeles, we sold many reproductions of John Gould's birds - even if the Koala left them unresponsive. The dramatic images provide a wonderful focal point in any room. For those who found the size too large, the pair of smaller dark red parrots by Levaillant and Jacques Barraband were equally popular - and still are..

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Limited Editions affordable antique-style maps.

It is always nice to be able to afford an original antique copperplate engraving of a map or chart. However, it is not necessary to deprive yourself of their enjoyment simply through shortage of funds. Comfort yourself by the fact that many of the most sought after early maps are very rarely seen. These days however, many well-recognized and decorative maps are available as reproductions. The few really special maps that are important in chronicling the discovery of early Australia (including Oxley's charting of the Brisbane River in Queensland), have been published as Limited Editions. In addition, Heritage Editions inexpensive reproduction maps of Australia, the Australian states and eastern & western hemispheres by John Tallis, and spectacular world maps, are available from this website www.heritage-editions.com.au. They are also available under the banner of Heritage Editions from our main website www.antiqueprintclub.com. If you have any questions - or would like to arrange to payment by alternative method, please email us at  sales@heritage-editions.com.au for a return phone call, or telephone +61 (0)412 4422 83 or +61(0)7 5525 1363.

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How Antique Prints were made..

Appreciating the artistic skill, technical difficulties, and time taken.
Heritage Editions have been reproduced from finely detailed antique prints. Original antique prints were made with skill and finesse. “Printing” entailed the transference of ink from a prepared printing surface (the block, plate or stone carrying the drawn or carved image) to the piece of paper. Ink can be carried on raised parts of a printing surface (relief process), in lowered carved or etched grooves (intaglio process), or on the surface itself (planographic or surface printing). Time-consuming processes were required by specialist engravers and lithographers to be able to circulate any information or image. Up to the early 19th century even the paper that was printed on was made by hand.

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Traditional-style Botanical Prints

Our Heritage Editions website has a wonderful selection of botanical prints. Australia's distinctive flora is well-represented in Banksia reproductions from early Curtis and Andrews copperplate engravings.
We are also fortunate to be able to offer prints from Dorothy Gordon Australian native flower paintings. They are beautiful artistic studies of Australian native flora that can be seen at Myall Park Botanic Garden - previously the home of artist Dorothy Gordon (1928-1985) and her husband David Gordon (1899-1901).
Heritage Editions botanical prints include individual botanical specimens from around the world, groups a flower bulbs on a page together; prints with families of flowers as advertised in 17th century nursery catalogues; and the dramatic large early 17th century Besler botanical specimens, with their roots or bulbs adding character, and with their names in flourishing script below the images.

Read MoreSurprise and Delight with a gift.

Heritage Editions Gift Certificate are available for friends or associates... Gift Certificates are available for any value, and provide a full choice from anything on our website... classic inexpensive prints and maps reproduced from original antique prints and maps from previous centuries. They will provide entertainment for many years - particularly when they are nicely framed for the wall. Well-chosen artwork can inspire enthusiasm for a new subject, and can distract from worries of work, home, health, or retirement.. Researching where the prints came from can provide an absorbing project that can give great enjoyment over the years.
If you would like to arrange a Heritage-Editions Gift Certificate please email us at sales@heritage-editions.com.au for a return phone call, or telephone +61 (0)412 4422 83 or +61(0)7 5525 1363. (As an added assurance, Gift Certificates can be used for full or part-payment. They are not refundable, but they are transferable during their 6 month validity.)