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To increase your enjoyment during your visits to this website, and to help you to appreciate the individual assets of any item that catches your interest, we include our "library" of light lectures, discerning descriptions, fascinating facts, and pertinent pithy little paragraphs. Please note: Most of the information in the Library refers to original antique maps and original antique prints from which Heritage Editions prints and maps were reproduced.

If you are interested in original antique maps and original antique prints, please go to our main Antique Print Club website www.antiqueprintclub.com - which is also where you can purchase Heritage Editions prints.

The most common question we are asked about these wonderful images is "How many of each would have been printed when they were first produced hundreds of years ago?" Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to know how many original prints were printed so many years ago. Some more important works such as atlases and portfolios included a list of subscribers when originally published. These were often royal, and otherwise 'notable' patrons, who contributed funds to enable the information to be compiled and the map or print to be engraved, (and who were subsequently presented with a copy of the work). In these cases this provides a clue to the number of original prints that were produced; however insolvency, insurgency, or even international drama, sometimes resulted in fewer than the subscribed number of prints being produced by a printer or publisher.

Information on how to identify an original antique map or print helps in the enjoyment of these classic images that we have reproduced as Heritage Editions. The Library also has information on the processes used in the production of the wonderful early graphics from which Heritage Editions have been printed, and brief information on some mapmakers, engravers, artists, and publishers who through combining science and art have contributed so much to our knowledge, and enabled us to enjoy these images today.

If we can help you with your search for particular images or styles, or even offer advice with regards their presentation, please contact me at sales@heritage-editions.com.au 

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