Heritage Editions

About Us

Heritage Editions are classic style illustrations.. traditional but inexpensive artwork. Heritage Editions reproductions are decorative artwork that is often larger than the original antique engravings and antique lithographs they were printed from. Heritage Editions are certainly more affordable - and provide multiples of one image for large decorating projects.  

Heritage Editions have been reproduced as small print runs to maintain exclusivity. Heritage Editions Limited Edition reproduction maps illustrate the most important milestones in the mapping of early Australia. 

Of course we'd love to sell you something; but if this is not possible, we hope you enjoy your visit. If we can help with your search for suitable artwork, please let us know.

We have been trading in maps and prints for 40 years. It is a very pleasant business and very easy to run, but at our age we are physically challenged. If you are interested in taking over marketing and selling Heritage Editions prints and maps, please get in touch. Knowledge of the processes and artists of the original antique maps and prints is not a necessity but we are able to provide descriptions if required.

If you are a picture framer looking to extend your inventory; if you wish to expand your choice of gifts or gallery artwork; if you are looking for a new enterprise; or if you have limited enjoyment from your current occupation and wish to stretch your horizons further, you will not find a more congenial business or more value for your money - so get in touch!
For all enquiries, please email sales@heritage-editions.com.au...