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Heritage Editions are classic-style reproductions that have been printed from rare antique maps and antique prints.

The complete stock of 100,000 Heritage Editions is FOR SALE

- 160 different reproductions from rare antique prints and maps -
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Heritage-Editions reproduction prints & maps (and Decorator Art reproductions) 

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Heritage Editions numbered Limited Edition map of Australia from c1744.

One of the most interesting maps of early Australia, first published in 1644 by Frenchman Melchisidec Thevenot, and in 1744 in English by Emanuel Bowen who added text about exploration at that time, and opinions of our country. Australia was called Hollandia Nova (New Holland) named after Dutch discovered the west of Australia, & Terra Australis (Southern Land) as described by Europeans, prior to Captain Cook's discovery and charting of the east coast.
In 1770 James Cook named the east coast New South Wales and claimed the land for Britain. His chart of the east coast was used in navigation for over 100 years. Cook's chart of the east coast of Australia and his North Queensland chart are both available as Heritage Editions numbered Limited Edition reproduction maps.

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